Phoenix Trotting Park

August 9, 2016 | western

Many of you are familiar with Phoenix Trotting Park located near Interstate 10 and Loop 303 in Goodyear. This place has been standing abandoned for 50 years now and after 50 years of standing empty the park is on the market. Arizonians familiar with the area are putting in their ideas and suggestions as to what they would like this big property to be used for. Some that are well familiar with this park would like the property to be put to good use. Some have suggested to make a Theme Park a Motorsports Park or to make it an Arizona State Fairgrounds. What do you think? I personally think any of those ideas would work, but I am leaning more to a Theme Park. I think Arizona deserves a Theme Park! Yes it is hot during the summer, but with good shade, plenty of trees, and a good mister system to keep us cool it will work just fine. It will be fun, but also, it will bring prosperity to the West Valley.

Give us your ideas/opinions on this.

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