Otro Cafe: An Alternative to Your Standard Mexican Fare

February 9, 2016 | western

The name Doug Robson isn't a new one in the Phoenix culinary scene. Before he debuted Otro Cafe in 2013, he was already the founder of thriving restaurant Gallo Blanco. Otro showcased a slightly different concept, though—one that you might be able to guess if you speak any Spanish. Its name "otro" translates to "other," an indication that this Mexican restaurant serves much more than just your typical taco (although that's on the menu, too).

Even the appetizers are inspired, like the Snow Roll. A reinvented version of the classic spring roll, the snow roll is stuffed with your choice of shrimp, grilled pork belly, or veggies plus romaine and a flavorful blend of herbs. Savory and sweet sauces come on the side for dunking. Save some room for an entree, however, like the carne asada torta, the Pica Rico burger with aji aioli and sharp cheddar on top, or the Mexican paella. The latter teems with everything from chicken and pork to chorizo and colorful vegetables.

Otro Cafe
6035 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 266-0831

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