A Mix of Old and New Defines the Culinary Scene at Chase Field

July 21, 2015 | western

Since opening day in 1998, more than 17 million fans have filed through the gates at Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks play. As the fan base grew, so did the options for dining-in here. Some in-stadium eateries have stood the test of time while others have only recently opened, but the overarching message is that there's no shortage of options at Chase Field. Here are three examples:

  • Game Seven Grill. The 20,000-square-foot space that once housed Slider's has been reinvented as a barbecue joint by the name of Game Seven Grill. Technically, it's not inside the ballpark; it's located on the Gila River Casinos Plaza at Chase Field. But that just means that you can always make it through the crowd to the bar or beer garden to enjoy the craft brews for which Game Seven will most likely become to be known—in addition to its fiery wings.
  • Red Hot Grill. To score a classic game-day eat, head to one of many Red Hot Grill stands scattered throughout Chase Field. They serve freshly grilled Sonoran-style hot dogs.
  • Burger Burger. For something sweet, head straight to Burger Burger and order candy shop popcorn. Inspired by the classic Cracker Jack, this sweet-salty treat is the perfect follow-up to any of the eatery's burgers.

Want to learn more about the Diamondbacks' upcoming season and home field? Visit the Chase Field website for further info.

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